DM - Maual Double vice

Code: DM
Additional vice for material locking.
LX-Laser lighting for cutting line

Code: LX
The option LX facilitates the operator during the cutting phase: a luminous red line (laser light) is projected on the piece locked in the vice to exactly display where the blade will make the cut.
NB1-One nozzle sprayer

The band saw machine can be equipped of a blade and cutting cooling device. To improve the cutting quality and reduce pollution risk, moreover to avoid the risk of pools of cooling liquid on the floor (possible cause of accidental falls), the use of the NB optional is particularly suggested.
SENS-Control blade rotation

Code: SENS
The SENS optional is assembled on the flywheel. In case the blade collapses due to an insufficient tension exerted by the stretcher or in case it goes stuck into the piece during the cut, the work cycle would immediately stop. In this way the SENS optional protects the motor wheel and the blade itself.
VAT PQB-Cutting angle display pqb

This optional allows to read, by means of a digital display, the cutting angle with an accuracy to tenths of a degree. With the graduated plateas the one on the standard machines this was not possible. It also allows a good view of reading in low light.
VHZ Electronic inverter

Code: VHZ
By the VHZ optional the blade speed rotation can be changed acting on the proper keys.
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