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Versatile vertical automatic one-spindle machinedrilling beams, plates, tubes and shaped profiles in general for the field ofmetal constructions and carpentry, ideal for who develops and distributes itsown product, suitable for both small to large manufacturer.

CN machine provided with four controlled axes withbrushless servomotor of which two with double position control.

Automatic material positioning and clamping allow toperform the following operations on the bar:

Through hole - Blind hole - Double hole – Thread(with limitations) – Slot(withlimitations)

Drill Unit

-    One vertical drilling unit (see picture no.2)

-    ISO40 spindle connection; one spindle included

-    The drill unit is steadily fixed on a plate sliding upand down with 4 blocks on 2 linear guide ways; the blocks are with rollers toincrease the rigidity (“Z” Axe)

-    The head where the drill unit is fixed, sliding forwardand backward with 4 blocks on 2 linear guide ways (“Y” axe)

-    The machine works without coolant water; this systemavoids liquid dropping on the floor.

-    External lubrication and cooling system of the tool.

-    Internal lubrication and cooling system of the tool (justfor tools allowing this kind of cooling).

-    Standard on the machine the “FMB smart drillingcontrol” (to be selected by the operator). This control prevents the head fromentering the piece too deeply so saving the tool from possible breaking and themachine from stress.

-    The change of the spindle can be done by pressing abutton that locks and unlocks the spindle.


-    The drill unit approaches the piece in fast mode

-    The extra drill quote is settable

-    It is possible to choose between 2 different chipsbreaking modes; one that stops the feeding just for one second and the other inwhich the spindle completely gets out from the hole (used above all for deepdrillings)

-    Tables containing tools dimensions

-    Tables containing spindles dimensions

-    Settable lubrication and cooling system: no coolant /external /internal/ both internal and external coolant

-    Possibility to drill slots in any direction

-    The slots can be done by milling or by consecutivedrilling.

-    The Explorer 1 drilling machine is not suitablefor the drilling of round tubes and flat drawn.


-    Piece zero setting performed by a laser system

-    Recirculating-ball screws for high precisioncontrolled movements of axes “Y” and “Z”

-    Piece non-stop measuring system obtained thanks to a“contact system”, of fly wheels, avoiding possible measuring errors

-    2 vertical pressers not allowing the material to liftup during all the feeding; each pressers slides on 2 blocks fixed on 2 linear guideways

-    2 horizontal clamping vices; each vice slides on 4blocks fixed on 2 linear guide ways

-    2 extra vertical clamping vices working only duringthe drill operations; each clamp slides on 1 block fixed on 1 linear guide way

-    Piece measurement system: at the beginning of the cycle,the piece is measured and checked if it is in tolerance with the dimension ofthe programmed piece

-    Three different piece origins can be selected. This isnecessary for example, when it is important to have the work operation as tothe piece centreline; the machine detects the real dimension of the piece and adaptsthe work operations as to the centre, automatically changing the quotes



-    Smaller overall dimensions as to traditional machineswith roller tables and thrust collets

-    Unlimited bar length

-    The machine is a mono-bloc unit easy to be moved andinstalled; compact and therefore of reduced overall.

-    Many different types of profiles can be worked, suchas beams, angle bars but also tubular, UNP and plates.

-    Thanks to the material feeding vices exchange system,it is possible to work on both ends of the bar

-    Possibility to drill pieces already cut to degrees bysetting beforehand the inclination of the starting cut of the work piece

-             With the option PBPC (Programming by PC) it ispossible to connect the machine directly to its PC (internet connection) and toprogram it by remote.


-    It is possible:

To storethe programmed pieces

To storethe compiled programs

To make holes in semiautomatic mode

Other Features

-    Material feeding system by threatened and rectifieddragging rollers

-    Swarf extractor (see picture no.1), complete of swarfcollecting tank

-    The pneumatic circuit function is to supply the pneumaticcylinders and the coolant drilling unit

-    Control pulpit complete of electric device and industrialPC supporting console, ergonomically located as to the operator

-    Protection mechanical barriers with panels inpolycarbonate assuring a perfect view on working process

-    Movements on linear guides with carriages equippedwith tanks for constant lubrication.

-    2-meter idle roller tables for material supporting bothon loading and unloading side

-    Coolant oil 3 litres capacity tank with level controland reporting on the panel

-    End material sensor; it checks if the bar end correspondswith what is written in the program

-    Remote assistance service with FMB technicians,through internet

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