Bio Cut

Bio Cut is an ecological cooling fluid based on sythetic esters from renewable vegetable resources, free from boron, chlorine, sulphur and formaldehyde donors. It can work any kind of material from cast iron to titanium high alloy steels, without staining yellow alloys and aluminium while also ensuring an excellent level of cleanliness of both machined parts and machineries. Available in packs of 10Kg.

Code: Bio Cut 298
Nebula Oil

The Nebula Oil fluid is an eco-friendly high quality lubricant which can be used for all mechanical works of chips removal on iron metals and light alloys. Its high lubricant property reduces the friction of the tool on the material during the working operation and inhibits the development of heat, which is the first cause of tool wear and of the bad quality of the worked surface. Available in packs of 5Kg.

Code: Nebula Oil 281