Code: C3
It’s a bar bearing support equipped with a roller. It can be used in addition to the roller table. It should be suitably ballasted or fixed to the floor. Roller 550 mm wide - max load 750 kg. H min 685 mm / H max 870 mm

Code: CNOL 1M
-  Roller table structure frame in one piece
-  Fly wheels Ø 100,rollers width 850 mm, roller table pitch 490
-  Rollers protection guard in compliance with UNI EN ISO regulations
-  Possibility to lift / sling the processed material without interfering with the protection guards
-  Integrated coolant dripping tank
-  Protection barriers
-  Capacity: 2000 Kg/m
-  Tough stopping material wall, folding for easy material handling  
-  Fast and precise setting of the lengths measures via software
-  Wall automatic positioning with numerical control / drive through servo motor with encoder
-  Quick up and down movements of the stopping wall by hydraulic cylinder
-  Steady striker thanks to the addition of stopping brakes
-  Material slowing-down sensor
-  Single bar
-  Sets of bars
-  Pipes
-  Beams and  and profiles in general
RFOL- Olimpus 2 mt roller table

Code: RFOL
RFOL 2 meters long rollertable with free 850 mm wide rollers and loading capacity of 1200Kg/m.
RM-Motorized roller

Code: RM-Rullo motorizzato
The RM motorized roller is generally placed near the band saw on the loading side; in this way the roller support surface is placed under the piece to be moved. Switching on the feeding selector, the roller automatically raises a few millimeters lifting the bar to be cut. Once the maximum quota is reached, the roller begins to turn moving the piece towards the selected direction: the selector turned anticlockwise makes the bar move backward, while turned clockwise makes it move forward. Releasing the selector, the roller automatically stops and goes down: so for its use the presence of an operator is always necessary. The roller rotation speed can be adjusted  before or even during its moving (for instance going fast at the beginning and then slower during blade approach). Our motorized roller can be joined to all models of FMB band saws so that any movement is avoided during the cut. Its moving is electrical and its lifting power is 1,500 kg.
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