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C2 - Frame

It’s a bar bearing support equipped with a roller. It can be used in addition to the roller table. It should be suitably ballasted or fixed to the floor. Roller 550 mm wide, max load 750 Kg, H min 840 mm / H max 1.015 mm.
Code: C2

FM..RSP - Heavy length stops

The machine may be equipped with a measure shaft for 1 to 6 meters (3.3 to 19.7 ft) measure stops to be installed on the RFP roller tables.
Code: FM..RSP

RFP2 - Roller table

2 m long roller table with idle rollers 550mm wide, max load 1000 Kg/m (h min 925 mm/h max 980 mm).
Code: RFP2

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