Cutting capacity




305 300 300x370 300x370
45° 260 240 155x260 300x220
60° 170 160 160x170 255x150
  • Semiautomatic band saw machine to cut from 0° to 60°.

  • Head structure in three parts: special aluminium alloy, steel and cast iron.

  • Reduction gearbox with inclined grinded case hardened teeth lubricated with long lasting grease.

  • VHZ electronical blade speed control, 16÷100 m/min.

  • Connection of the motor wheel to a flange with two conical bearings.

  • Head feeding system with hydraulic cylinder and descent adjustment by single-turn flow valve placed in front position. Dynamometric blade tensioning.

  • Blade guide with combined action of side bearings, carbide plates and top bearing. Blade cleaning idle brush easy to be adjusted and handy.

  • Material clamping cast iron vice with manual positioning, equipped with hydraulic locking cylinder.

  • Working top and control panel placed in the most ergonomic position.

  • Head rotation with stops at 0°, 45° and 60°, graduated scale for angle measure reading and strong locking lever.

  • Material feeding roller on loading side with a resistant double position support.

  • Strong millimetres length stop for measuring the cutting length 0÷600 mm.

  • Heavy-duty machine basement made with different thickness metal sheets and chips holding sides.

  • Front door with key locking. 

  • 30-liters capacity coolant tank and electric pump for both blade-guides cooling.

  • Hydraulic unit controlling the head cylinder and the vice cylinder movements.

  • Electric cabinet with 24VAC-auxiliary voltage, lockable main switch and operator drives. 

  • Total protection against highest voltage and short circuit current. Protection level IP 55.

  • Push buttons control panel to carry out all machine movements and detect possible alarms. Line voltage: 400V/50Hz/3Ph standard (Also available 230V/50Hz/1Ph-230V/50Hz/3Ph-220V/60Hz/3Ph- 440V/60Hz/3Ph). 

  • Machine colours: yellow RAL 1018 and grey RAL 7036.

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