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QUALITY INSIDE Technology and tradition - The best solution

FMB was set up in 1982 and was one of the very first companies to propose band sawing machines at a time when the market was dominated by circular saws. Since then, thanks to its great ability to evolve, to research innovative products and to modify the machine to suit the customer's actual needs, FMB has become a leading company in this sector.

Its buildings represent the best in modern design, concentrating on maximum practicality and with sufficient space for all departments necessary to the creation of a new product:
engineering, production and testing. Not to mention the commercial and administration office block, warehouse and dispatch area. Our present range is made of 35 models whose cutting capacity goes from Ø 200 mm up to Ø 540 mm together with a complete set of solutions for material handling. In all these years the basic concepts of our machines have always been the same: quality, solidity and reliability. Even today, our new models, introduced at the end of last year, have these same characteristics and the changes they present are simply the consequence of technological progress.

All the systems in FMB are planned and realized with the aim to avoid energy wasting minimizing the use of energetical sources, in our production processes we only use vegetal oils, the offices and the production department is lighted with led lights and on the roof of FMB a photovoltaic system with 100 kWh power is installed. FMB represent the fusion of technologic innovation and tradition which allows to offer the best solutions to the customer.

Technical office: the heart of our company

The FMB products are the result of long studies supported by the use of the most modern technological sources and also a result given by exact test and statistics. Once the prototype has been produced, FMB starts a long phase of cutting, mechanical and electrical tests before starting the production of the machine. FMB is always well aware of how important it is to be able to offer a continuously evolving machine - that's why we've invested heavily in our technical and engineering office.

The technical office is the heart of our company: the precise and exact projects of our machines, which are always tested and totally mounted in Italy are created in this area, guarantying high performances levels. The capacity to follow the specific needs of our customers adapting the technical solutions on the machines has always been a particular ability of FMB, which thanks to it has been able to became one of the most important companies on its market, the Italian and the foreign all over the world ones. Each new product is studied through several tests and cutting simulations. The production process is managed with the use of technological systems and tools and ends with electronic and mechanical strength trials.

Long lasting relationships through common fidelity

A successful business relationship is the result of a solid and trustful cooperation, only in this way the results and success are possible. This is the reason why we believe in a commercial strategy which is really customer oriented. A developed commercial nest (worldwide developed) and technical assistance (free, quick and effective) allow to the new and the historical FMB partners to be always supported. We believe that our professionalism can be proved with one parameter: we still have spare parts available also for machines which ran out of production many years ago. The central role of the customer is proved from our engagement in organizing technical support meeting in their headquarter, in order to allow technical assistance or technical training. Our human sources are our real value. The company turn-over is very low, each member is involved in the planning and producing operations and FMB has been one of the first companies which took part at the WHP project, an international practice which identifies the work site as point of welfare education.

Teambuilding is much more than the individual part

To guarantee maximum quality, each and every component in F.M.B. sawing machines is subjected to a series of stringent tests during every stage of the production cycle ranging from the row material, machining and treatment to the finishing processes and assembly.

Knowing that the quality of a product depends heavily on the quality of its components, all F.M.B. suppliers have always been carefully selected to guarantee absolute quality of materials and reliability. Each machine is thoroughly tested, with mechanical calibration, and electrical tests using special instruments to check the absorption rates and to keep a look-out for any anomalies.

All the FMB machines have one-year long guarantee, the quick technical assistance service and the cheap spare parts have always been one of the most important FMB features.
The choice to select the best suppliers on the market is consequence of the FMB philosophy, which is against the energy and material wasting and support the creation of the concept of added value on the goods. Following the FMB projects, completely studied and realized in our headquarter from our engineering department, we reach the production of our original FMB machines. The best efficiency is allowed also by the use of an automatic technologic warehouse, which assures precision and safety in our production site.