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CN-Numeric check

Code: CN
Using this optional, you can view the position of the striker and this moves automatically by
means of a gear motor. The ENCODER is connected to the screw of the measuring device and reads the movement of the striker and shows this on the display. To cut a bar into several lengths and numbers, the CN optional is required. The number of the programs that can be stored is given by the division of 100 by the maximum number of strokes contained in a program.
The machine is programmed by FMB during set-up for 10 programs of 10 strokes (this number
can be changed). After starting the work cycle, the striker automatically goes to the set point.
A control device interrupts the machine operation if the striker moves from the set point.
SENS-Control blade rotation

Code: SENS
The SENS optional is assembled on the flywheel. In case the blade collapses due to an insufficient tension exerted by the stretcher or in case it goes stuck into the piece during the cut, the work cycle would immediately stop. In this way the SENS optional protects the motor wheel and the blade itself.
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