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  • Basement in electro welded high rigid carpentry.
  • To obtain the highest precision, the machine is provided of a controlled 4-axes CNC, of  which 3 with double-position control.
  • The automatic control of the clamping rollers locking and the dragging rollers rotation allow the bar feeding along the “x” axe.
  • The horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamping devices steadily lock the bar during the drilling operation.
  • Machine processings:
  • - Through hole
    - Blind hole
    - Double hole
    - Thread
    - Slotting
  • Materials feeding system by threatened and rectified dragging rollers.
  • 2 vertical pushers involved during the whole working cycle.
  • 2 horizontal locking vices.
  • 2 vertical clamping vices.
  • Tools lubrification: inside and outside.
  • Swarf extractor.
  • A vertical single bit drilling unit.
  • Starting bar zero setting equipped of a laser system.
  • Bar non-stop measuring system obtained thanks to a “contact system”, of fly wheels, so avoiding possible measuring errors due to material sliding or stumbling.
  • ISO40 spindle connection.
  • The pneumatic circuit function is to supply the 2 horizontal vices cylinders, the 2 vertical pushers, the 2 vertical vices, the tools coolant unit and the measure fly wheels cleaning.
  • Oil nebulizing tool cooling system, to avoid liquid dropping or shedding on the machine or on the floor.
  • Control pulpit complete of electric device and industrial PC supporting console, in ergonomic position as to the operator.
  • Protection mechanical barriers with panels in polycarbonate assuring a perfect view of the working process.
  • 2 meters roller tables on the loading side and 2 meters on the unloading side to support material.
  • Removable chips collector tank.
  • Smaller overall dimensions as to traditional machines with roller tables and thrust collets.
  • Bar length even beyond 24 meters.
  • The plant is built as a mono-bloc unit, electric board and pulpit control panel included, easy to be moved and installed.
  • Loading and unloading side roller tables are not included. 
  • Being  simple idle roller tables, they can be easily found.
  • Many different types of profiles can be worked, from beams to angle bars but also  tubular, UNP and flat bars.
  • Thanks to the material eeding vices exchange system, it is possible to work on both ends of the bar.

FMB studied a software very easy to be programmed for the operator. The Interface (PC Windows) is displayed on a 20’’ color touch screen and it’s provided of: Tool tables. Tables concerning the workable profiles families (HEA, HEB, HEM, IPE, UPN, etc.) with the most used dimensions for each material (yet, further dimensions can be added).
It is possible: To memorize the programmed pieces. To memorize the compiled programs. To make holes in semiautomatic mode. To make the machine measure the tool length directly. To  connect the machine to internet to have remote assistance from FMB technicians.
Standard on the machine the “FMB smart drilling control” (selected by the operator). This control prevents the head from entering the piece too deeply so saving the tool from possible breaking and the machine from stress.
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