Vertical automatic band saw machine for cutting from 0° to 60° right and 60° left, particularly suitable for the cutting of very long work pieces and in the cuts of the ends of the piece.

- Inclined of 3° for optimizing the cutting of sections 
- Feeding by hydraulic cylinder sliding on linear guides
- Feeding control valve and pressure control valve
- Rotation by hydraulic cylinder.
- Rotation locking by hydraulic cylinder
- Degrees reading by magnetic band

Blade Rotation :
- Inverter controlled 4 kw blade motor.
- SUMITOMO high performance no slack planetary type reducer for heavy loads and very low noise
- Minimal lubricating system of the blade with no.1 nozzle and equipped of a sensor  signalling refrigerant shortage
- Blade rotation control: in case of blade breakage, blade rotation itself stops.
- Motorized blade cleaning brush
- Hydraulic blade tensioning
- Material handling unit
-  Unlimited feeding stroke
- Hardened plates protecting the surface where the material slides
- Feeding by toothed rollers controlled by a brushless motor to have high torque at low rpm
- Feeding reading through encoder idle discs to avoid losing the measure if the material slips on the feed rollers; this allows to have a positioning tolerance of ± 0,5 mm
- Motorized brush to clean the material before the encoder disc reading
- Automatic exchange from the left side to the right side of the machine in order to cut even the ends of the material.

Operator Control Panel :
- Color 7” LCD display digital dedicated control panel
- Machine movement control with graphic functions.
- Cutting cycles programming.
- Less reject material and reduced working time thanks to the piece upsetting automatically made by the software.
- Auto diagnostic function with displayed alarms.
- Possibility of entering up to 100 different programs, with 100 steps for each program.
- Possibility of updating, parameters and programs saving by USB.
Other features
- Motorized blade guide with automatic positioning according to the size of the work piece and the cutting angle.
- Double vice independently controlled, both on loading and unloading side
- Storable head start with temporized vices opening
- Possibility to temporarily stop the cycle
- Possibility to perform single cuts in semi-automatic mode
- Possibility to exchange the cutting jaws so to obtain a better locking for cuts at 0°.
- Surface equipped of idle rollers both on loading and unloading side; work top total length from the first roller on loading side to the last roller on unloading side equal to 3260 mm
- Hydraulic unit with 4 kW variable flow pump
- Chips collecting tank integrated in the lower part of the basement
- Motorized vane swarf extractor
-  Hydraulic movement of the “fixed” jaws from the operator side, to facilitate feeding of bended bars.

Optional :
PSA: advanced software package. You can transfer on your PC the screens of the operator control panel and you can so program by PC the different programs and then transfer them to the control panel by USB key
- PVS: vertical vice pressing the material in the cutting area to straighten it if it were bended.
- RFP2S: 2-meter heavy roller tables (1200 Kg/m)

Technical Characteristics
mm m/1' HP KW
5334x34x1,1 16÷120 5,4 4
KG axbxc m mm mm
6800 3,5x3,7x2,7 975 -

Cutting capacity
mm mm mm mm
45° -->
mm mm mm mm
60° -->
mm mm mm mm
<-- 45°
mm mm mm mm
440 440x440 440x510 -
<-- 60°
mm mm mm mm
305 305x305 305x510 -

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