GTP - Vice jaws for bundle cut

Special jaws 430 mm height for bundle cut.

Code: GTP 28
LX - Laser lighting for cutting line

The option LX facilitates the operator during the cutting phase: a luminous red line (laser light) is projected on the piece locked in the vice to exactly display where the blade will make the cut.

Code: LX 29
M2G - Double vice (degrees cutting)

On machine Olimpus 2 it is possible to have a second vice for material clamping on unloading side for degree cutting 0°÷45°. This solution allows the material clamping on both sides of the blade and the trimming of the end of the material.

Code: M2G 34
MAO2-MAO3 - Cutting angle motorization

MAO2:  Olimpus 2+VHZ cutting angle motorization.
MAO3: Olimpus 3+VHZ cutting angle motorization.

Code: MAO2-MAO3 35
NB1 Box-NB2 Box - Sprayer for blade lubrification

The band saw machine can be equipped of a blade and cutting cooling device. To improve the cutting quality and reduce pollution risk, moreover to avoid the risk of pools of cooling liquid on the floor (possible cause of accidental falls), we suggest to use the NB optional.

Code: NB1 Box-NB2 Box 37
PUSO - Special unloading side support

Additional unloading side surface to cut heavy material.

Code: PUSO 46
QEL - Console control panel

In the pulpit control panel version, the control panel may be placed according to the production necessities of the Costumer.

Code: QEL 44
RRTR - Drive rollerwith reduction gear box

A milled roller placed on the loading side for the material feeding in manual mode. Lifting system with lever and eccentric, tough hand wheel for the rotation and gear box to make the material feeding easier.

Code: RRTR 53
RTR - Eccentric drive roller

The RTR optional allows to move the material to be cut manually in a safe and easy way. By means of an eccentric lever, the material rises from the basement, even when very heavy, and with the help from a manual hand wheel the piece to be cut can be moved forward and backwards.

Code: RTR 54
SD - Stress detector

The “SD –stress detector” optional surveys this stress from the motor ampere increase. Before the situation gets critical, the SD slightly lifts the blade from the material and then makes it get down for a no trouble cutting. During all these phases the blade keeps turning. The lapse of time of blade lifting is chosen by the Customer.

Code: SD 55
SENS - Control blade rotation

The SENS optional is assembled on the flywheel. In case the blade collapses due to an insufficient tension exerted by the stretcher or in case it goes stuck into the piece during the cut, the work cycle would immediately stop. In this way the SENS optional protects the motor wheel and the blade itself.

Code: SENS 56
SHO - Cutting capacity

This option allows the sawing machine to cut round material whit a diameter up to 540 mm
(21.3 inch.). When using this optional, it is necessary to replace the blade protection guard positioned in the upper part, between the motor flywheel and the neutral flywheel (NB the special guard is equipped with the optional SHO).

Code: SHO 57
ST Screw

Screw chips conveyor.

Code: ST Coclea 257
TI - Hydraulic stretcher

The option Ti allows carrying out the blade tensioning always correctly and when the machine is off, it allows the blade to loosen avoiding a useless static work. A micro switch controls that the blade is tensioned and, in case of the blade breaking, it stops all the other machine movements.

Code: TI 60
TO - Feeler

Code: TO 65
TP - Cylinder for vertical clamping

The optional TP vertical pusher, fitted above the saw vice, is used to ensure a better grip on the material to be cut. The device is particularly useful for bundle cutting.

Code: TP 61
VDA - Arc descent speed display

The cutting download movement speed is shown in mm /1' on a special display by menas of this option.

Code: VDA 67