NB1 Box-NB2 Box - Sprayer for blade lubrification

The band saw machine can be equipped of a blade and cutting cooling device. To improve the cutting quality and reduce pollution risk, moreover to avoid the risk of pools of cooling liquid on the floor (possible cause of accidental falls), we suggest to use the NB optional.
Code: NB1 Box-NB2 Box

QEL - Console control panel

In the pulpit control panel version, the control panel may be placed according to the production necessities of the Costumer.
Code: QEL

PUSO - Special unloading side support

Additional unloading side surface to cut heavy material.
Code: PUSO

DOTM - Vertical vice

Device for vertical clamping of the material, hydraulic cylinder and manual positioning. During the cutting cycle the vertical cylinder works together with the vice for the material clamping.
Code: DOTM

RPP - Pneumatic roller for Pluton Air

To facilitate the handling and the loading of very long pieces it has been created the optional RPP (specifically for Pluton Air).
On the loading side of the band saw machine it is placed an idle roller moving pneumatically . During loading of the material to be cut, when vices are open, the roller lifts up facilitating the pieces sliding. When vices close, the roller lowers. At the end of the cut the roller automatically lifts up to facilitate the subsequent load.

Code: RPP

RPM1 - Vice pressure adjustment

The closing pressure adjustment of the vice RPM1,decreasing from the standard machine max. pressure, is used for materials having thin thickness and consequently that can be easily deformed. It is not possible to reduce the pressure value adjusted by the hydraulic system pressure switch under the safety value of 6 bar.
Code: RPM1

RPM2 - Vice pressure adjustment

This optional allows you to adjust the pressure of the clamping of the cutter vice and the carriage vice. Adjustment must be made separately for each vice and is done by hand, using the handwheel of the valve. The pressure gauge lets you read the pressure change (in bar).
Code: RPM2

RRTR - Drive rollerwith reduction gear box

A milled roller placed on the loading side for the material feeding in manual mode. Lifting system with lever and eccentric, tough hand wheel for the rotation and gear box to make the material feeding easier.
Code: RRTR

RTR - Eccentric drive roller

The RTR optional allows to move the material to be cut manually in a safe and easy way. By means of an eccentric lever, the material rises from the basement, even when very heavy, and with the help from a manual hand wheel the piece to be cut can be moved forward and backwards.
Code: RTR

SD - Stress detector

The “SD –stress detector” optional surveys this stress from the motor ampere increase. Before the situation gets critical, the SD slightly lifts the blade from the material and then makes it get down for a no trouble cutting. During all these phases the blade keeps turning. The lapse of time of blade lifting is chosen by the Customer.
Code: SD

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