TI - Hydraulic stretcher

The option Ti allows carrying out the blade tensioning always correctly and when the machine is off, it allows the blade to loosen avoiding a useless static work. A micro switch controls that the blade is tensioned and, in case of the blade breaking, it stops all the other machine movements.
Code: TI

TP - Cylinder for vertical clamping

The optional TP vertical pusher, fitted above the saw vice, is used to ensure a better grip on the material to be cut. The device is particularly useful for bundle cutting.
Code: TP

VAT - Cutting angle display

Allows to read, by means of a digital display, the cutting angle with an accuracy to tenths of a degree. With the graduated plate placed the standard machines, this is not possible. It also allows a good view of reading in low light.
Code: VAT

TO - Feeler

Code: TO

VDA - Arc descent speed display

The cutting download movement speed is shown in mm /1' on a special display by menas of this option.
Code: VDA

VHZ - Electronic inverter

By the VHZ optional the blade speed rotation can be changed acting on the proper keys.
Code: VHZ

CNP - Digital measuring reading system

With automatic striker positioning.
System equipped with a measuring striker with automatic positioning controlled by a  programmable electronic panel. Feeding is made by a pinion on rack through a gear box controlled by an inverter. Tilting striker arm equipped with a locking brake  with springs shocks absorber. 550 mm wide idle rollers, diameter 70 mm and max loading capacity of 1000 Kg/m. 
H min 925 mm/H max 980 mm.

Code: CNP

CRS - Connection in unloading side

The unloading side connection between machine and roller table.

Code: CRS

FM..RSP - Heavy length stops

The machine may be equipped with a measure shaft for 1 to 6 meters (3.3 to 19.7 ft) measure stops to be installed on the RFP roller tables.
Code: FM..RSP

FM..RI - Length stop with hydraulic articulated striker

Length stop on unloading side with hydraulic cylinder for the backing of the stroke reference during the cut. Available lengths  from 1 m to 6 m.
Code: FM..RI

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